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The PREMET® diesel indicators are known to be rugged and reliable. The newly developed PREMET® X now adds a brand new software, new sensor technology and connectivity to obtain, show, analyse and export the important pressure data of your diesel engine during operations. This device gives you the opportunity to fine tune your engine to a higher efficiency resulting in lower costs.

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Compatible with low-, medium- and high-speed engines the PREMET® X is the perfect system to optimise your fuel injections to reduce fuel consumption but also to avoid repairs and damages as part of a condition monitoring regime. The PREMET® X, Made in Germany, is using high-quality materials and is equipped with the newest PiezoSMART sensor from Kistler Switzerland. Latest designed engines run with peak pressures up to 350 bar and high exhaust gas temperatures. The new sensor technology ensures high performance and accurate results for the complete range. The storage of calibration data inside the sensor makes it possible to easily exchange sensors without calibration of the device. The new software allows to do an in depth analysis of your engine ensuring you will be in control of the condition of the engine without being an expert user. If your job includes responsibility for multiple vessels the Fleet Management Software will make your life much easier and for worldwide access CMT is offering a Cloud solution as well. The integrated WiFi connection increases the ease of data transfer considerably. PREMET® X with Sensor A WiFi network with an internet connection, which can easily be established with a standard mobile phone in the next port will allow an automated upload of the data into the cloud. The large internal memory of the PREMET® X allows to save as many engine set ups as you like up to 40 cylinders per engine. The integrated compensation of torsional vibrations enables ultra accurate measurements for 2-stroke engines. 4-stroke engines can be measured with an extra TDC sensor with high accuracy. Using an acoustic emission sensor the fuel injection can be monitored with no need to tamper with the high pressure fuel lines during installation. Ignition delay and other critical timings during combustion will become visible. CM Technologies GmbH offers a measurement evaluation service to help you getting the most out of your CMT instrument. Also individual training courses can be arranged either at CMT, at your office or even on board.

Your benefits: • Revolutionary new sensor technology • New analysis software • WiFi connection for easy data transfer • Rugged design for onboard use • Highest available accuracy • DNV GL Eco Insight ready • Cloud based Fleet Management

Ignition pressure range 0-350 bar
Sensor Kistler 6019A 11S
Speed range 20-3000 rpm
Max. number of engines Unlimited
Max. number of cylinders (per engine) 40
Max. temperature 400°C
Compensation pressure P
Compensation of torsional vibration P
USB connection P
WiFi connection P
Display Colour, size 160 x 90 mm, resolution 800 x
Accuracy 0.17% degree crank angle

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Weight 16.53 lbs
Dimensions 53 × 20 × 50 in

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