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Density and Viscosity Sensor

CMT’s Density and Viscosity Sensor is a breakthrough liquid sensing technology that monitors density, viscosity, specific gravity and temperature in real time.

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Density and Viscosity are very important to ensure an oil film for optimal lubrication on all parts. Lubrication will keep moving metal parts from producing wear and ensure a long lifetime of your engine. The efficiency of your engine can improve with the right viscosity of the fuel.
The Density and Viscosity Sensor is a newly developed sensor with multiple application areas in marine or industrial areas.
Testing the viscosity and density is important for diesel or heavy oil to optimise the efficiency of your engine and minimise wear.
The compact sensor enables simple installation within the oil cycle. There are different options for installation within the oil cycle. It can be mounted as a bypass (Nessi compatible), a flange within the pipe or even from the tank with a pipe nipple.
Alternatively measurements can be simply inserted in the top.
All material in contact with the liquid is stainless steel to make the sensor as reliable as possible. The rugged, patented MesoScale® all metal construction provides unrivalled sensitivity, integrity and dynamic response to changes in liquid composition improving the accuracy of the sensor to 0,0045 g/cc in density and 2% on viscosity.
Measurements are being taken in a frequency of 1Hz and can be seen on- or offline on any computer via a standard USB connection (alternatives available).
As sealing the Density and Viscosity Sensor uses high quality Viton® (alternatively Kalrez®).
Available mounting options are base plates 1/8”, 1/4”, 1/2” and 1” NPT (Nessi) or to screw the sensor in the pipe G1/2”.

Density Range 650 kg/m³ – 1350 kg/m³
Viscosity Range 0,3 cP – 100 cP
Density Accuracy 0,0045 g/cc
Viscosity Accuracy 2%
Acquisition frequency 1 Hz
Operating Temperature -40°C – 85°C
Operating Pressure Atm – 10.0 bar (optional 40 bar)
Communication RS232 TTL, USB, RS485
Dimensions 38,2 mm x 38,2 mm x 74,6 mm
Weight 320g

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