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The Mobil Serv Hydraulic Test Kit Oil test hydraulic fluids for Insolubles, Particle Contamination, and Viscosity of Oil


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The Mobil ServSM Hydraulic Test Kit provides a patch test apparatus that is reliable and easy to use on-site with industrial, fleet, marine and off-highway equipment.

Up to 80% of lubrication-related machinery failures are caused by hard particles in the oil. Particles enter the system through seals, breathers, oil additions and changes, and wear and can cause increased maintenance and downtime through abrasion, fatigue and eroding component surfaces. The patch test is a time-proven, cost effective and simple way to quickly identify abnormal contamination and wear. The patch test can also help identify the primary types and sources of the particulate contaminants.

The Visgage© checks oil viscosity on-site without thermometers or stop watches. It is widely used to check any oil from light spindle oils to heavy gears oils. It operates on the principle of comparing the viscosity of a sample of oil with an oil of a known viscosity. It is one of the most useful instruments ever devised to aid in an on-site oil analysis program. Quality control can be assured when the Visgage© is used regularly to verify oil viscosity.

The Hydraulic Test kit contains a heavy-duty 10ml syringe, check valve and weighted pick-up tube, filter holder and wrenches, tweezers, 8.0 micron filter patches – pack of 100, illuminated magnifier 30x, instruction manual, sample bottles and Visgage©.
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The 13-page User Manual for this kit includes information on:

Sampling methods

Diluting Samples

Using Filter Patches

Interpreting Results

Typical Fluid Cleanliness Requirements for various hydraulic system components and more

Field-testing of lubricants
Specifications & Qualifications:

Interpreting Results:

The vast majority of test filter patches will be clean with minor contamination present. If metallic particles are present, use a small magnet to determine if they are ferrous in nature. If these particles were generated internally, component wear is generally indicated.

Larger particles indicate that the filters are not working or may be inadequately sized for the system. Any visual level of dirt is unsatisfactory.

A dark filter generally indicates degradation of oil that has been in service too long or exposed to temperatures above its performance capability.

If the patch is clean, the oil is satisfactory for continued service. A patch that shows a lot of dirt, metallic particles and oil degradation materials indicates that the system oil and filters should be changed. The system should be monitored on a scheduled basis.

A high level of contamination indicates that the system should be drained and flushed. If the test sample indicates borderline conditions, use of a portable filter unit and re-testing in a month or other appropriate interval is indicated.
Note: Photos on this page do not accurately depict the color and detail of the photos in the User Manual.

CONSUMABLES for this kit:

Millipore Filter Pads DS-02A

TOOLS and SUPPLIES for this kit:

Syringe Assembly DS-03

Check Valve with Tubing and Weight

Millipore Filter Pad Holder and Wrench Set

Magnifier DS-K1-30X

BOTTLES for this kit:

4 oz(120 ml) Sample Bottle DS-6840

The information contained herein is subject to change without notification. Typical properties may vary slightly.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 11 × 16 in

The information contained herein is subject to change without notification.
Typical properties may vary slightly.

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