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October 14, 2021

New Agents for America and Canada – Condition Monitoring Technologies (CMT)

A happy announcement: We have partnered with DSI ltd.

With DSI, CMT has brought another valuable agent on board. DSI supports the coverage of the USA and Canada. Over 35 years of experience in condition monitoring provides our customers with competent advice and great service.

More information on locations and coverage can be found in our Dealer Network.

About DSI: Since 1982, DSI has provided high-quality tools and supplies for the on-site field testing of lubrication oils and fuels. Their products include a wide range of premium, industry-recognized fuels and oil testing kits, sample bottles, mailers and containers that meet the needs of oil analysis labs, lubricant suppliers, marine and industrial companies around the globe.

DSI has a long and proven track record of working with industry-leading companies and is very proud to join the CMT network and offer CMT’s condition monitoring technology to their customers.

Article originally posted on Condition Monitoring Technologies (CMT) News.


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