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Mobil Serv TAN Test Kit

Product Number: DS-K14586-EM

For testing: TAN

TAN Test Kit Data Sheet

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This portable field test kit contains the materials needed to measure the acid level of a hydraulic, turbine or circulating lubricating oil.

     TEST                                      RANGE

     TAN (Total Acid Number)       Quantitative by titration, Range: 0-6 AN; Accuracy: +/- 0.3 AN

Features, Advantages & Benefits:

  • This test measures the total of weak organic and strong inorganic acids within the oil. A rise in TAN is indicative of increased oil oxidation. Keep in mind that new oil may have a TAN value depending on the additive composition. Therefore the change in TAN value over time would be the indicator of increased oxidation in the oil. The TAN value is indicative of organic acids that result from progressive oxidation of the lubricating oil during extended use, exposure to high temperatures or reaction to metals. TAN is synonymous with Neutralization Number.
  • As oxidation increases, deposits may be laid down and interfere with the smooth and efficient operation of control valves and other close tolerance components.
  • This is a simple to use titration drop test. The result is shown by a color change in the sample as drops of potassium hydroxide are added to neutralize the acids in the oil sample.

  • The test time is two (2) minutes. The kit has materials sufficient for 25 tests.


Contains: 500ml Mobil Serv™ Reagent D TAN, 30ml TAN TIRANT solution, (3) 1.0ml syringes, 60ml square bottle/extra cap, and MSDS/User Guide.

Important Safety Data Sheet:



Included with the Mobil Serv℠ Field Analysis Test Kit DS-K14582-EM.

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