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Mobil Serv HiVac Sampling Pumps

Product Number: DS-10 / DS-10VR

For testing: Oil Insolubles, Particle Contamination, Viscosity of Oil, Water in Oil

HiVac Sampling Pumps Data Sheet

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The Mobil Serv℠ sampling pump is a necessary tool to extract used oil samples from crankcases or other reservoirs. The user can simply, quickly and neatly fill a sample bottle or when attached to the pump. There are two designs available: the Standard Model DS-10, and the Model DS-10VR which has a vacuum release that aids in the control of the filling process and allows unneeded oil to drain back into the reservoir.


HiVac Sampling Pump Models:

  • Standard model DS-10 * – 38/400 mm bottle thread, includes 5 ft. polyethylene tubing.
  • Vacuum release DS-10VR – Same as above with vacuum release to accurately control the fill level in the sample bottle.                                                                                                                   

* Included with the Mobil Serv℠ Field Industrial Oil Analysis Kit DS-K14582-EM


REPAIR KIT for this pump:

     Pump Repair Kit DS-10A

BOTTLES compatible with this pump:

      4 oz(120 ml) Sample Bottle DS-6840

      16 oz Reinforced Opaque Sample Bottle DS-7840

      32 oz Opaque Sample Bottle DS-7940


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