Monitoring hard particles in hydraulic systems and lubrication oil in gear boxes and generators.
Supplying commercial marine industry with lube and fuel sampling and test kits to maintain peak performance.
Monitoring diesel fuel and engine lubricants aboard U.S. Navy and Military Sealift Command vessels.
Monitoring diesel engine lubricants in heavy equipment and hard particles in fire-resistant hydraulic fluids.
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DSI: Providing Oil and Fuel Testing Products for over 35 years

  • Since 1982, DSI has serviced a broad range of industrial, military, marine and mining organizations with quality supplies and rugged, state-of-the-art sampling and on-site test equipment for the analysis of lubricants, fuels and coolants.
  • We enjoy a solid reputation with customers for reliability, responsiveness, technical competence and demonstrated global distribution capability. We believe that maintaining long term relationships with our customers is a vital component of our mission. 

Thank you for your interest in exploring DSI's capabilities and services to support your business objectives. We look forward to being of service to you.


The DSI Field Industrial Oil Analysis Test Kit is a portable field test kit that combines the tools needed to easily and quickly test three key parameters of conventional and synthetic lubricating oils.

The Water-in-Oil DIGI Cell quickly tests for water in all types of conventional and synthetic oils using a non-HAZMAT reagent for lower shipping costs and portability.

The rugged patch test apparatus reliably identifies hydraulic particles contamination and abnormal wear on-site in industrial, fleet, marine and off-highway equipment.

The Visgage© checks viscosity of all ranges of oils without thermometers or stop watches to assure quality control in your on-site oil analysis program.

Included is a HiVac oil sampling pump with six bottles, a steel-clad thermometer that reads from 14 F to 230 F(-10 C to 110 C) and tempilstik indicators used to define upper and lower limits of a location's operating temperature.

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