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Temperature Measurement

Product Description: 

Items used to measure approximate temperatures of bearing housings, gear cases, hydraulic systems pumps, motors, reservoirs and other components which contain lubricating oils, greases or process fluids.

Tempilstiks    Each Tempilstik is made of wax-like compounds which are formulated to melt at specific temperatures, such as 150 F / 66 C, 163F / 73 C or 175F / 79 C. Several Tempilstiks are used to define the upper and lower limits of the operating temperature of the location being checked.

Order Code DS-09


Thermometer    This pocket thermometer is inside an open aluminum rugged armor case and reads from 14 F to 230 F (-10 C to 110 C). Surface temperature readings of the units can be taken and readings compared. To improve the accuracy of estimates the thermometer can be used to measure actual temperatures of lubricants or fluids in several typical units of various types of equipment.                                                                      

Order Code DS-07


CAUTION: Use protective clothing, safety glasses, etc., and observe safe operating practices near machinery in operation. BE CAREFUL NEAR HOT SURFACES. User assumes all risk and liability in connection with the use or application of devices.


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