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Signum EasySHIP Field Analysis Kit

Product Number: DS-K14582-EM

Test for: Oil Insolubles, TAN, TBN, Viscosity of Oil, Water in Oil

Signum EasySHIP Field Analysis Kit Data Sheet

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This SIGNUM* on-site test kit contains everything needed to easily and quickly test all types of conventional and synthetic industrial and commercial vehicle oils for these key parameters:

TEST                        RANGE

Water-in Oil              0-1.0% 0-10% 0-20%
                                 200 to 10,000 ppm

TBN                         0 to 100
(Total Base

TAN                         0 to 6
(Total Acid

Insolubles                Qualitative

Viscosity                  Comparative vs.
                                new oil


Features, Advantages & Benefits:

  • A new non-HAZMAT reagent for use in Water-in-Oil field tests is available and is branded Signum EasySHIP Water-in-Oil Reagent. The advantage of the new Signum EasySHIP Water-in-Oil Reagent is much lower shipping costs, portability and ease of use in the field.

  • The new DIGI cell combines both Water-in-Oil and TBN testing in the same dual-purpose cell. The DIGI cell easily switches from water to TBN testing with a press of the touch-pad.

  • Made of rugged plastic with pre-programmed proprietary software and a scratch-resistant LED display. The DIGI cell casing and display are backed with a lifetime guarantee.

  • The DIGI cell switches from water to TBN testing with a press of the touch-pad. For ease of use, the display features step-by-step instructions, and a comprehensive 14 page step-by-step User Guide is included. The built-in battery has an estimated operating life of not less than five years.


  • On-site oil testing.


CONSUMABLES for this kit:

     Signum EasySHIP Water-in-Oil
     Reagent DS-K2-101-EM

     Signum TBN Reagent Pack

     Signum TAN Reagent Pack

     Insolubles Test Kit DS-K1-006-EM


*SIGNUM is a proprietary trademark of ExxonMobil and is restricted for its commercial use.


The information contained herein is subject to change without notification. Typical properties may vary slightly.


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