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DSI Leak Detection Kit (water)

Product Number: DS-K402

Test for: Leak Detection

DSI Leak Detection Kit (water) Fact Sheet


The DSI Leak Detection Kit DS-K402 is designed specifically for in-plant identification of water leaks (leakage from joints, seals and fittings) in circulating cooling systems for hydraulic, circulation systems, gear drives and compressor applications. Water leakage is costly in terms of potential equipment failure, unscheduled downtime, waste treatment costs, safety and environmental costs.

This kit employs a cordless, rechargeable LED Leak Detection Flashlight that is super-high intensity, portable, powerful and rugged to easily detect points of oil leakage. A small amount of fluorescent dye is added to the reservoir where leaks readily show up under the special LED violet light.


Features, Advantages & Benefits:

  • Self-contained carrying test box

  • Easy to use fluorescent dye (kit includes 1 pint)

  • Real-time indicator of leaks

  • Normally, special glasses are not needed with this kit when using violet light


  • Field testing of water leaks


LED Leak Detection Flashlight is not approved for use in hazardous atmospheres.  Do not attempt to use it in area requiring explosion-proof lighting.

Fluorescent yellow/green dyes recommended concentration: 
WATER: 1 pt (473 ml) per 1,000 gals (3,800 L) water



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