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DSI Field Industrial Oil Analysis Kit

Product Number: DS-K1

Test for: Oil Insolubles, Particle Contamination, Temperature, Viscosity of Oil, Water in Oil

DSI Field Industrial Oil Analysis Kit Data Sheet

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This portable field test kit contains the tools needed to easily and quickly test the condition of conventional and synthetic lubricating oils for these key parameters:

TEST                RANGE

Water-in-Oil      0-1.0% 0-10% 0-20%
                          200 to 10,000 ppm

Insolubles         Qualitative

Viscosity           Comparative vs. new oil

Features, Advantages & Benefits:

  • The Water-in-Oil DIGI Cell will easily and quickly test for water in all types of conventional and synthetic hydraulic, circulating, transmission and gear oils. It is made of rugged plastic with pre-programmed proprietary software and a scratch-resistant LED display. A new non-HAZMAT reagent for use in Water-in-Oil field tests is available and is called EasySHIP Water-in-Oil Reagent. The advantage of the new EasySHIP Water-in-Oil Reagent is much lower shipping costs, portability and ease of use in the field.
  • The kit includes hydraulic particles testing with a rugged patch test apparatus that is reliable and easy to use on-site with industrial, fleet, marine and off-highway equipment. The content of the kit includes a microsyringe with 25mm filter, 30x microscope and filter rating guide. Up to 80% of lubrication-related machinery failures are caused by hard particles in the oil. Particles enter the system through seals, breathers, oil additions and changes, and wear and can cause increased maintenance and downtime through abrasion, fatigue and eroding component surfaces. The patch test is a time-proven, cost effective and simple way to quickly identify abnormal contamination and wear. The patch test can also help identify the primary types and sources of the particulate contaminants.
  • The Visgage© checks oil viscosity on-site without thermometers or stop watches. It is widely used to check any oil from light spindle oils to heavy gears oils. It operates on the principle of comparing the viscosity of a sample of oil with an oil of a known viscosity. It is one of the most useful instruments ever devised to aid in an on-site oil analysis program. Quality control can be assured when the Visgage is used regularly to verify oil viscosity.
  • Each tempilstik is made of wax-like compounds which are formulated to melt at specific temperatures, such as 150 F / 66 C, 163 F / 73 C or 175 F / 79 C. Several tempilstiks are used to define the upper and lower limits of the operating temperature of the location being checked. Also included is a pocket thermometer that is inside an open aluminum rugged armor case and reads from 14 F to 230 F(-10 C to 110 C).
  • The Industrial Field Analysis Kit comes in a large industrial-duty case to carry, organize and protect the equipment. It also includes a HiVac oil sampling pump with six bottles, steel-clad thermometer and tempilstik indicators for a range of temperatures. The mobile version of the Field Industrial Oil Analysis Kit is a carry-on size with roller wheels and a pull-out handle.

Carry-on Version – Order Code – DS K1
Mobile Version – Order Code – DS K1R












  • Field testing of oil and equipment for plastic injection molding, construction, mining, agriculture, machine shops, power plants, deep-sea and inland marine, contractors, etc.


CONSUMABLES for this kit:

     Millipore Filter Pads DS-02A

     Mobil Serv Water-in-Oil Reagent Pack


EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES for this kit:

     HiVac Sampling Pumps
     DS-10 / DS-10VR

     Pump Rebuilding Kit DS-10A

     Sampling Tubing DS-2863

     Syringe Assembly DS-03

     Check Valve with Tubing and Weight

     Filter Pad Holder and Wrench Set

     Magnifier DS-K1-30X

     Temperature Measurement (excludes Infrared Thermometer)

BOTTLES for this kit:

      4 oz(120 ml) Sample Bottle DS-6840


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