Product Name Item # Description
DSI Fluorescent Dye - 1 quart  DS-K13-YQ  Use with the Mobil Serv Oil Leak Detection Kit. 
Mobil Serv DIGI Cell Spares Pack  DS-K13563-EM  Replacement polythene gloves, syringes, scissors, tweezers and rubber O-rings that are used with the EasySHIP Water-in-Oil Test kit. 
Mobil Serv Water-in-Oil Reagent  DS-K2-101-EM  Non-Hazmat reagent used in all Mobil Serv Kits that contain the test for Water-in-Oil. 
Mobil Serv TBN Reagent Pack  DS-K2-002-EM  TBN Reagent pack used with the Mobil Serv Combined DIGI Test Cell. Also contained in the Mobil Serv Field Analysis Test Kit. 
Mobil Serv Insolubles Test Kit  DS-K1-006-EM  Everything needed for qualitative testing of Insolubles in oil. 
Mobil Serv TAN Test Kit  DS-K14586-EM  Everything needed for the testing the TAN (Total Acid Number) of oil. 
Millipore Filter Pads  DS-02A  8.0 microns, 4 boxes of 25 pads each. Use with Mobil Serv tests for hard particle contamination in Hydraulic oil. 
Kittiwake ECON Tests  contact DSI  Entry level and very economical on-site tests, providing qualitative information about lubricant condition. 
Kittiwake EasySHIP Reagents  contact DSI  Non-HAZMAT reagents that decrease the hazardous nature of Kittiwake tests and reduce associated shipping costs.